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PSYC226: Biological and Cognitive Lifespan Development

Spring 2020

Chapter 6 - Piaget and Vygotsky

All module components due by 4/17/2020 at 5:00 PM

6.1 Piaget’s Cognitive–Developmental Perspective: Cognition in Infancy and Early Childhood
  1. Read section 6.1 in textbook (Vantage)

  2. Complete 6.1 Knowledge Check (Vantage)

  3. Watch lecture videos and take lecture quizzes

Use the discussion forum on D2L to post any questions you have about the content of this chapter (textbook or lecture). Dr. Hopkins or the TAs will respond as soon as possible.
6.2 Piaget’s Cognitive–Developmental Perspective: Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence
  1. Read section 6.2 in textbook (Vantage)

  2. Complete 6.2 Knowledge Check (Vantage)

  3. Watch lecture video (14 minutes)

  4. Complete lecture quiz

6.3 Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Perspective
  1. Read section 6.3 in textbook (Vantage)

  2. Complete 6.3 Knowledge Check (Vantage)

  3. Watch lecture video (13 minutes)

  4. Complete lecture quiz

6.4 Cognitive Development in Adulthood
  1. Read section 6.4 in textbook (Vantage)

  2. Complete 6.4 Knowledge Check (Vantage)

  3. Watch lecture video (20 minutes)

  4. Complete lecture quiz

Complete the Chapter 6 Test (Vantage)
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